If you are trained FOODcents advisor and would like access to the advisor login pages, please provide details of your training and/or work with FOODcents below and we will provide you with a login account.

If you would like to be trained as a FOODcents advisor, complete the online training modules.

If you have completed online training or have received login details at face-to-face training, login by clicking on the yellow key ribbon at the top right of this page. 

Online Training

FOODcents Advisor training is now online! Click 'FOODcents Training' on the left-hand menu to visit the training pages. Training is free of charge and once completed, will provide you with the opportunity to register as an Advisor for immediate access to the Advisors' section of the website. 


The FOODcents program is no longer active in WA

A new interactive, cooking and nutrition program Food Sensations® for Adults is now available. Individuals and groups can book into the new program.

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