Traditional Hormonal Acne Treatment Brisbane

Fluctuating hormones that produce acne exactly describe hormonal acne. Adults of all ages can also be affected even when hormonal fluctuations are typically associated with puberty.

Menopause and menstruation are some of the factors that cause hormonal acne, meaning that it’s fairly common with women. It has been found that hormonal acne affects almost 50 percent of women with ages ranging from 20 to 29. 25 percent of older women aged from 40 to 49 can also be affected by hormonal acne.

Experts in Brisbane have mixed opinions concerning hormonal acne. While the experts do not generally see adult acne as caused by hormonal fluctuations, it can be a contributing factor.

This challenges medical experts to come up with effective hormonal acne treatment, Brisbane.

Common Characteristics of Hormonal Acne

The T-zone during puberty to include the chin, forehead, and nose are commonly affected by hormonal acne. The typical areas for hormonal adult acne to manifest are around the jawline and the bottom of the cheeks.

Cysts, blackheads, small pimples, or whiteheads are some forms of hormonal acne affecting some people. Hormonal fluctuations that cause hormonal acne include:

  • High androgen levels
  • Menstruation
  • Menopause
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome

Menopausal acne can still be experienced by women using HRT or hormone replacement therapies to ease their symptoms. The skin breakouts are caused by the HRTs as it replaces the loss of progesterone and estrogens of a woman in menopause.  It’s best for a menopausal woman experiencing hormonal acne to consult with her doctor for the right treatment.

Hormonal Acne treatment using traditional methods

OTC or over-the-counter prescriptions for acne may not always successfully do away with acne. This is because cystic bumps are often the typical forms of hormonal acne. Most topical solutions won’t be able to reach the deep-seated bumps under the skin.

Creating a balance to clear up the skin needs some inside out solution provided by oral medications.

Anti-androgen medications

Decreasing the levels of androgen or the male hormone is the main function of anti-androgen drugs. Androgen is a natural hormone for both men and women. However, acne issues start to happen with women experiencing high levels of androgen. Stabilising the hormone levels by preventing a woman’s body from producing too much androgen is helped by anti-androgen medications.

Oral contraceptives

The component ethinylestradiol in oral contraceptives can be a great specific treatment for hormonal acne. An oral contraceptive that contains ethinylestradiol and one of the following components such as norethindrone, or drospirenone, or norgestimate has proven effective against hormonal acne.

However, women with a history of breast cancer, blood clots, and high blood pressure should not consider oral contraceptives an option for hormonal acne. Women who smoke are also advised to avoid using oral contraceptives as a treatment for acne.


Retinoids are topical solutions that can be added to the regimen of taking oral treatments for hormonal acne. It is an over-the-counter topical solution that is available in the form of lotions, creams, and gels.

However, the risk of sunburn increases with the use of retinoids. The application of a good sunscreen product can help from getting sunburned.

An appropriate skin care regimen should be practiced to avoid or quickly clear up hormonal acne. This includes washing the face in the morning and evening. It’s also best to sparingly apply any acne product to prevent skin irritation. Signup for specialised acne treatment in Brisbane by Herstellen.

Bariatric chair bed: Necessity for comfort

The bariatric chair bed is known for being stable, mobile and comfortable. Especially when used with its own type of mattress for bariatric patients. Unlike the normal mattresses, the bariatric chair bed is specifically designed for serving heavy patients. It’s known to be more durable and comfortable than the standard bed. 

The bariatric chair bed is made of sturdy materials that make it stay for a longer time. The chairs are well balanced; hence they are not over or under stuffed. Bariatric mattresses are also made of extremely durable and strong material. They are neither too thick nor overstuffed with foam. On top of that, the chairs are designed to withhold pressure all the time.

Adjustment of the patient’s body pressure is done by the air cushioning, which relieves it from their body. No matter how long the patient uses the bariatric chair bed, air is allowed to circulate no matter how long a patient lasts on them

The bariatric chair bed ensures that the patient gets maximum comfort and treatment advantages. It can accommodate very heavy weights, therefore, making it an ideal choice for heavy patients. Giving them deserving lives, it ensures that those who are taking care of them do so with a lot of ease, making it far much better than the regular chairs.

The bariatric chair bed whose meaning comes from Greek words in English can be summed up as ‘weight treatment’. It came up as a result of the challenges that the medics went through when treating overweight patients and how they could deal with weight associated pains.

Advantages of Bariatric Chair Bed

The first advantage of this kind of chair bed is that it makes the treatment of obese patients easier, and, helps to reduce with most challenges associated with obesity, pain and comfort, factors that a normal bed cannot help in. The chair bed is highly mobile, making it easier to move from one section to the other without pressure. The bariatric chair bed makes it easier for the caregivers by making their work easier. It makes it quite easy to take an overweight patient whenever they want, from the bathroom to their rooms, making it safe for both the patient and their caregiver. Turning the patient in the bariatric chair bed is quite simple, and it helps to prevent them from sores caused by sleeping on one side of the body for too long.

While it’s necessary to point out that the bariatric chair bed needs ample room to enable any operation done on the patient to be perfected, enough room must be availed for any task that needs to be completed.

The bariatric chair bed makes the life of an obese patient easier and reduces the pain associated with it. The flexibility of the chair bed makes it the right tool to be used for both the disabled, hospitalized, or even at older people’s homes.

For the disabled, the bariatric chair bed can be very handy at home, as long as enough room is given, the bed can be moved around and turned in any position giving the medic professionals and the caregivers enough room to operate in.

Hospital owners, medics, and those that have disabled heavy-weight patients should carefully consider the use of a bariatric chair bed over the regular ones.

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Bulging Disk Therapy

Treatment Options to Choose From

If you have been experiencing tenderness and pain in your back, a physical examination at your doctor could help determine if you are suffering from bulging disk. The doctor normally would ask a patient to lie flat on their back and move their legs or arms to check for the root cause of the pain. They would also carry out a neurological exam. A neurological exam involves checking a person’s reflexes, muscle coordination, walking ability and the ability to detect sensations in different part of the body.

In order to detect a herniated disk, the doctor only needs to carry out a physical exam and a medical history. However if the doctor isn’t sure about which nerve has actually been affected as a result of a herniated disk, they may ask you to undergo the following tests.

  • A CT scan to detect any problems in the spinal column
  • An MRI which creates an image of the internal structure of the body to confirm the location of the herniated disk.

Treatment for bulging disk

For someone who suffers from bulging disk, carrying out everyday activities can be troublesome. This is why patients are advised to practice conservative treatment. This means that the person should avoid getting into any painful positions. Following a mild exercise program and taking their medications on time. Doctors might also prescribe any of the following medicines

  • Regular OTC medications which can help manage the pain.
  • If OTC medications fail to give relief, then narcotics are suggested in moderate doses.
  • For those who suffer from radiating nerve pain, anticonvulsants could be prescribed.
  • Muscle relaxers are administered for muscular spasms.
  • Cortisone injections are administered to the site of the pain to provide immediate pain relief especially for those who suffer debilitating pain which is often unmanageable.

Along with these medications a doctor might suggest bulging disk therapy. This includes a series of physical therapies like applications of compresses both hot and cold. Also they might suggest exercises which would help alleviate the pain. Also includes massage therapy and use of physical manipulations which can help bring pain relief.

However if all of the above mentioned treatments fail in providing relief from the pain, surgery is often considered the last resort. If conservative treatments lasting more than six to eight weeks bring no improvement in a patient’s condition, then surgery could be suggested.

However surgery is only suggested in any of the following conditions:

  • Numbness or weakness in any of the regions in the body
  • Problems standing up or difficulty getting into different body positions
  • Unable to carry out daily activities
  • Loss of bladder control

During surgery the protruding portion of the disk is removed so that it doesn’t exert any more pressure on the surrounding nerves. It’s very rare when the complete herniated disk is removed. Major portion of the disc is kept intact to prevent further complications.

Similarly alternative treatments like chiropractic treatment and acupuncture could be practiced if surgery is to be avoided.

Sports Physio

4 Guaranteed Benefits of the Sports Physiotherapy to Athletes

Among of all people, athletes are probably the people who experience the most intense and extreme physical stress since that they do strenuous sports activities. With this, they are also the people who need to keep their body always strong and fit. One best way is to undergo sports physiotherapy which offers a lot of guaranteed health benefits to the body of the athletes. Continue to read this article so that you will know some of these guaranteed benefits.

What follows is the list of the guaranteed benefits that sports physiotherapy can bring to the people who are into different sports activities.

It Enhances the Athlete’s Physical Strength

Sports activities can make a sportsperson like you, feel tired and exhausted. It is mainly because, in order to do a sports activity, you have to use your body’s physical strength. As a result, your muscles and other parts of the body will become worn out and strained. It is when sports physiotherapy will enter the frame. By doing this treatment to athletes like you, it can enhance the physical strength of your body. It strengthens your bones, muscles, ligaments, and joints so that the body’s robustness and toughness will improve. With this, you can now tolerate the intense physical stress which your sports activity needs.

It Avoids The Athletes From Injuries

Health professionals who perform sports physiotherapy can help to avoid you from injuries which commonly occur in doing sports activities. These health professionals or mostly known as physiotherapists will examine and study your entire health aspects which include strength, joint flexion, flexibility, and others. All of the information they have gathered will be used to formulate and create routines which will improve your overall physical characteristics. Furthermore, these routines can also be a factor in reducing the likelihood of injuries such as cramps, strains, muscle stress, and torn ligaments to happen.

It Improves The Muscle And Joint’s Flexibility

Aside from body’s physical strength, athletes and sportspeople need to have a supple and flexible body as well. It mostly applies to the athletes who do sports activities like swimming, gymnastics, crickets, and baseball. Sports physiotherapy can greatly help them since that it improves the muscle and joint’s flexibility. With this, you can expect that these athletes will be able to perform at their best.

It Helps The Body To Relax

All exhausted athletes and tired sportspeople want to relax and loosen up after doing their different sports activities. Therefore, the best way to do that is through sports physiotherapy which can help you to relax and reclaim the energy that your body lost. With this, you can expect that you will have another set of energy, which you will be using for tomorrow’s activities.

To conclude, sports physiotherapy is really beneficial and advantageous to all of the people who do different sports activities. You can ask a professional physiotherapist near your place for you to know the other health benefits that this treatment can bring you.