Disability employment services- helping you find a job

The disability employment services is an initiative taken by the government in order to help people who suffer from injury, disability or illness to find a job.

This is something which is useful for people who have difficulty in managing their health issues and which makes it difficult for them to find a job. These individuals are helped by identifying the strengths and working capabilities and providing Jobs which would enable them to work with dignity.

There are also employers in organisations that are inclusive and actually looking to hire staff with any of these difficulties and provide them a way to earn. Disability employment services comprise of two parts the first one being the management service and the second being in employment support service.

The advantages of disability employment services

For those who have registered with the disability employment services that we get in access to a number of benefits which would include access to an employment consultant who would be there to guide them throughout the process. You can look for jobs for disabled persons. Guiding you through to find a job can be challenging and there would be there to help you every step of the way. Besides an employment consultant would also be able to discuss with you possible career goals and also help you make up a resume. They are skilled enough to identify the skills and attributes that you possess and would be assisting you and preparing you to give interviews for the jobs that you are searching for.

People who have a disability often require occasional support to stay in work, and the disability Management Service allows the people to do so without any hindrance. If you have been suffering from a permanent or a long term disability and are finding it difficult to keep a job the employment support service would make sure that you get regular and ongoing work to make the ends meet.

If you are a job seeker with a disability you would be referred to a disability employment service provider. They would then make sure to see whether you are eligible for the services. Once you passed the eligibility criteria then you would be referred to employment services which are closer to your home.

For anyone to be eligible for the disability employment service they need to be in Australian resident aged between your 14 to 65 years. They should also be willing to work at least 8:00 to 30 hours per week and with support whenever required. Any one who fulfil the above mentioned criteria and is not studying full time can apply for disability employment services.

For students who are in their 11 or 12 and a living with a disability then you are also eligible for the disability employment services eligible School leaver program. All people who qualify for the employment services have the freedom to choose their own disability employment service provider. All you need to do is talk to the support team and they will help you make the switch.