Growing Food

Free foods? Why not. Eating nutritious dishes? Possible.

Growing your own food requires time and energy. But for sure, it is rewarding. Looking back to the old times where supermarkets are nowhere to be found, people are growing their own foods. They set-up a space in the backyard, plant crops and veggies, water them, and wait for them to grow.

In today’s generation, we worry no more because we know that the moment we step outside our house, there’s a nearby McDonald’s, grocery stores, supermarkets, fast foods, and restaurants. Name it. Food is readily available. When you come to think of it, consuming these kinds of foods can deteriorate our health as we grow older. No, we don’t get the right nutrition that our bodies need.

This is where growing our own food comes back into picture. As we see it, growing our own food is really time consuming. But, it’s the only way to make sure that you are eating healthy and that you provide the nutrition that your body craves for.

Here are the amazing reasons why you must grow your own food:

Time consuming, but it saves money.

Ever thought of having food for free? Yes, it is truly possible when you grow your own food. Growing your own food is time consuming, but it helps you save on grocery bills!

Save some cash. Save your efforts in going to ATMs or banks. Start growing your own food. You’ll never know when tough times are coming.

Growing your own food is therapeutic.

Don’t underestimate the value of growing your own food. Growing your own food helps in so many ways. Not only it helps providing us the right nutrition, but also it helps improve our mental health. Growing your own food is therapeutic. It will also teach you to become responsible in nurturing your own food.


Have you ever thought of why organic fruits and vegetables are more expensive than those with pesticides? Organic fruits and vegetables are healthier and safer. Being able to grow your own food in the most natural and fertilizer-free way, can really make a big impact in your life. Just imagine, you gotta eat organic fruits and vegetables for free!

Freshness and Quality

Taste your home-grown tomatoes. It would really taste differently than those tomatoes being sold in the supermarket. Freshness and quality are being checked by a supermarket. But, little did we know that these fruits and vegetables have undergone some processes and transports. When it arrives at the supermarket, they are being repacked and held by others. Great if you got to buy it then cook it immediately. But, how about those where cooking is not required? There is really a big difference when you grow your own food. It doesn’t require transportation and other complex processes. Freshness and its quality is rest assured.

Growing your own food helps you reconnect with your food sources. When you consume organic veggies, but grow them, for sure, you’ll never run out of stock! When you grow your own food, your perceptions would change in terms of waste management, nutrition, and health. It makes you become a smart shopper as well.

Few have started growing their own food. It’s not yet too late to start now. Take one step at a time.