Hair extensions in Parramatta

Hair extensions are a popular way to modify one’s hair without the need of styling from a professional or a wig. There are many different types of hair extensions, ones that extend the length of your hair (as the name would imply) and ones that serve more as style augmentations, allowing you to simply clip on bangs or any other hairstyle modification you may want. But trying to find hair extensions which works with your life and your hair can be difficult, so we’ve written a few tips on how to pick hair extensions that will work for you.


Types of hair extensions

There are three different main types of hair extensions, each of them work a different way and are meant for different purposes.

  • Clip ons: As the name would imply, clip ons are clipped onto your hair like a barrette or hair clip. These are inexpensive and easy to put in or take out but aren’t quite as believable as the other types.
  • Tape extensions: These are a larger commitment but end up seeming far more real. They are attached to your hair by a strong invisible tape which can’t be felt by touch. This makes the extensions seem more authentic, but they can’t be put in or taken out as easily, and last around two months.
  • Keratin: Hair extensions which are bound to your hair with Keratin attachments, the most believable of the three but also the most expensive and the longest commitment. Keratin extensions stay in for around 3 whole months.


Pick a colour that works for you

You want to make sure to choose a colour that suits your hair,. Otherwise, it’ll be obvious that you’re wearing artificial extensions and the extensions will clash with your hair. A good rule of thumb is to pick extensions which match the ends of your hair rather than the roots or just picking a color that matches the majority of your visible hair. Sure the roots are your natural hair colour, but the natural hair colour doesn’t matter as the dominant colour of your hair is what people are going to be seeing the most of, so having hair extensions match that is essential. Be very sure that the extensions you’re buying match the colour of your hair.

Treat them like normal hair

Just because hair extensions are artificial accessories you put on your real hair doesn’t mean you don’t need to treat them like real hair. Over prolonged use hair extensions can get tangled and dirty just like real hair would, so it’s important to maintain it as you’d maintain your own hair. Wash the extensions as regularly as you’d wash your own hair, and in the same manner (Unless the instructions that come with the extensions say otherwise).

With those things in mind, you should now know the basics of finding hair extensions that work for you and maintaining those extensions. There is more to hair extension usage then this of course, but this is all a beginner to using extensions should need to know. If you are a beginner, it’s recommended that you stick with clip-on extensions for now, as they’re the easiest to get and use, but if it works well for you then consider trying the more advanced and committed hair extension types to easily make your hair look however you want it to. You can get your new hair extensions in Parramatta. You don’t need to go very far to beautify yourself.