Information on Apple Cider Vinegar in Australia

Apple cider vinegar is made by fermenting juice from the apple fruit. It has several applications but mainly acts as a food preservative and medicine.

Reasons as to why you should consider using apple cider vinegar

We will look at some of the benefits that might spark your interest in using apple cider vinegar.

It eliminates harmful pathogens – the main chemical element in apple vinegar helps to kill bacteria. Therefore, it is used as food perseverative, and also to treat wounds. It keeps wounds disinfected and free from germs.

Improves blood circulation –  research conducted in mammals have indicated that apple vinegar helps to lower cholesterol levels in animals and improve the flow of blood from the heart to other organs and back. Thus, it is an essential substance to prevent heart diseases.

It boosts the health of skin – it has also been proven that this vinegar can keep the health of the skin in check by balancing the skin PH. Most people benefit from this vital property of apple cider vinegar.

It is a control for diabetes – this substance has proven to be useful in boosting insulin production that is responsible for keeping blood sugar level in check.

Highly nutritious – apple vinegar is produced from apple fruits, which have been proven to be nutritious to human health for decades.

Aids in weight loss – this vinegar helps the body to be satisfied with little food, which in turn may lead to significant weight loss.

Applications of apple cider vinegar

It is used as a food preservative – since it contains an essential chemical compound, acetic acid, which destroys harmful bacteria and extends the food viability.

Salad dressing – most people enjoy putting apple cider on the salad because of its taste. It adds a flavour of some kind to the food.

Wound dressing – the acetic acid can also eliminate bacteria and germs from the wounds. Therefore, the wound undergoes quick healing.

Marinades – apple cider vinegar is also utilised in marinades, soaking the spices together with the meat and gives it a pleasant aroma and taste.

Vinaigrettes – it is also a form of soaking spices in oil. Apple vinegar can be used in vinaigrettes.

How to make apple cider vinegar?

Making apple cider vinegar is a simple process that can be done correctly, even for the first time. Here are steps on making the cider vinegar:

Obtain fresh apples and wash them in preparation for the next stage – fresh apples will give impressive results in the long run. While washing, it removes bacteria and other pathogens that have attached themselves on the skin.

Squeeze the apples to obtain apple juice – you can use any means to get the juice out of apple fruit. The apple juice is the main component of cider vinegar.

Add yeast/bacteria to ferment – introducing these substances to the apple juice will trigger the fermentation process, whereby sugar gets converted into alcohol.

Wait for the second fermentation process before obtaining the vinegar – the second fermentation will commence on its own, whereby alcohol is transformed into vinegar with the presence of acetic acid.

Lastly, malic acid combines with acetic acid to produce a sour taste that is usually felt in cider vinegar.

Therefore, apple cider vinegar is an essential substance with both medicinal and preservative advantages, as discussed in this article. There are good companies such as CoralTree Organics Australia that produce apple cider vinegar for commercial purposes.