True Cost of Food

When you compare prices per kilogram you will find highly processed, packaged and advertised foods are more expensive and less healthy than lesser processed, more healthy foods.

You can compare products to get healthy value for money. Check the price per kilogram (or unit price) of the food you buy and decide if it is good value for money compared to healthier alternatives.

Even though you may not buy a kilo of a food in a single shop, you will over a few weeks. This is where the savings really add up. 

Comparison of cereals                                   Low Fibre $14 / kilo                       High Fibre, $5 / kilo


Supermarkets now display unit pricing in the form of price per kg or per 100g.

Unit pricing is good news for shoppers who want to compare different brands of the same product as well as different foods which serve the same purpose.

It is obvious to compare the cheapest per weight of a snack food, but how about comparing the cost to something healthier. You might be surprised at how much you are paying for processed unhealthy foods. 

The Kilo-Cents Counter is a tool you can use at home to help you calculate the cost per kilogram of foods.

To calculate the price per kilo of an item, simply enter in the weight (in grams) and price (in Dollars) into the calculator below. Click calculate to see the true price per kilo. 

You can convert cents to dollars by dividing by 100. eg: 95c ÷ 100 = $0.95
You can convert kilograms to grams by multiplying by 1000. eg. 1.5kg x 1000 = 1500g

Price per kilo calculator

$ per Kg

The FOODcents program is no longer active in WA

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