Value for Money

Visit the Foodcents Supermarket

There are a number of ways to get more healthy food for your money. Here are a few ideas to help you get better value for money on groceries.

Some of these habits may take some time to adjust to, so pick one or two and work on them for a few weeks to help your family adapt to the changes.

At Home

  • Plan a weekly menu and only shop for what is needed
  • Substitute recipe ingredients with cheaper alternatives or things you already have.
  • Make the most of leftovers
  • Make vegetables the base of your meals, not meat
  • Extend meat with legumes
  • Stay in season
  • Grow your own herbs, vegetables and fruit
  • Cook your own meals and snacks
  • Pack your lunch

At the Supermarket

  • Stick to your shopping list
  • Buy seasonal fruit and vegetables (the cheapest)
  • Use unit pricing to compare the cost of different brands
  • Use unit pricing to compare different foods
  • Shop to a budget using the 10-plan
  • Shop around for specials
  • Buy less meat and more lentils, beans and vegetables
  • Buy cheaper cuts of meat for stews, curries and casseroles.

The FOODcents program is no longer active in WA

A new interactive, cooking and nutrition program Food Sensations® for Adults is now available. Individuals and groups can book into the new program.

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